are annual traditional family oriented artistic productions in San José and have been eagerly sought by other cities throughout California and Texas.
Over 53 years teaching and performing the Folk Arts


The Academy engages scholars, writers, artists, philosophers and folklorists to enlighten its membership while it sustains some of the oldest cultural traditions in this continent.  The Academy’s activities are geared to create and express the Mexican/Chicano social experience inspiring young children, entertaining the public, offering performing opportunities, and exploring venues to preserve the local MESTIZO artistic heritage.  It is also involved in social issues that affect our communities.  The Academy sustains the Aztlán Dance Troupe, offers outreach programs and contracts instructional services at school districts and colleges.  It also serves as an umbrella organization and fiscal agent for other organized efforts nationwide.  The Academy’s Guest Mexican Artists have left a legacy of murals in San José’s schools, colleges, health clinics and Union Halls, and have left the Academy collections of art pieces for exhibit in educational institutions and private galleries.  The Aztlán Academy continues to look forward to the future and it is proud and honored promoting self-pride, cultural awareness and social justice.

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